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Area rug maintenance. Part 1

Area rug maintenance. Part 1

February 24, 2016

Persian, Tukish, Oriental wool, silk and custom area rugs are big investments. Maintaining these pieces begins at the time of acquisition.

It must be noted that when an area rug is acquired, a new rug cushion should be acquired as well.

The first step to maintaining area rugs (and fine custom upholstery) is to protect them from staining and insect (moth) damage. I will start with stain protection. There are many types of stain protectors ranging from light duty DIY spray applications to professional applications with warranties. Stain protector and moth repellent should be applied when the rug or upholstery is clean/new. Many dealers do not offer stain protection or moth repellant services, but a rug cleaning professional in your area can provide these services to you. Rug Resolutions serves central North Carolina and can provide these services.

As far as the product is concerned, it is best to stay away from protectors the have silicon in them. Silicon will repel water very well, but silicon will turn yellow over time and cause area rugs and upholstery to have an unsightly appearance. Rug Resolutions has tested the top brands of stain protectors and we have chosen 2 products for our customers. Our go to protector for fine upholstery & area rugs is a solvent based product. It performed best in side by side testing. Our second choice is a water based product that also performed very well on testing.

Moth repellent are very important, especially for wool rugs and fabrics. Wool rugs and fabrics are a great food source for moth larva. In North Carolina, April is the month when adult moths lay their eggs. The larva are what cause the damage, not the adult moths. Once the larva hatch, they will eat any unprotected wool.

For additional information on moth damage prevention, read our blog post Moth Damage Prevention

Our moth repellant is a garment grade product that is effective for many years of use.

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Part 2 of Area rug maintenance will be posted in a couple of days

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