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Do No Harm

We Do No Harm

Rug Resolutions has adopted a do no harm policy for its oriental rug cleaning workshop. What does this mean for our customers?

First it means that we will not us harmful chemicals such as bleach or dichlor. Both of these chemicals are known to damage wool, silk and cotton, the three most commonly used fibers in area rugs. Rug Resolutions only uses cleaning agents that are designed for the fiber type of the rug being cleaned.

Second, it means that we will never place a rug in a washtub with other customer's rugs. Multi-rug washtubs also known as Turkish Baths have become popular in the rug cleaning industry. They are a short cut in the wash process in that up to 15 rugs are placed in the tub together to be washed. In order to try to prevent cross contamination, harmful chemicals such as bleach and dichlor are used in the wash water. This wash water is used for a week or longer before it is changed. That means that hundreds of rugs may go through that same wash water. Rug Resolutions cleans rugs on at a time and always uses fresh clean water for each rug.

Third, we will never use truckmounted steam extraction to clean a rug. Truckmounted carpet cleaning machines are designed for wall to wall nylon carpet. Steam or hot water can cause numerous problems. First, the dyes can become unstable and bleed. Second, it can burn the fibers causing changes in texture.

Rug Resolutions takes every precaution to insure the safety of your investment quality textiles.

Give Rug Resolution Rug Cleaning a call at 919-744-8620 and let us clean your rugs correctly. One at a time and with proper cleaning agents.