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Do you have rug cleaning questions?
Here are some answers to a few common questions.

How long will it take to clean my rug?

Our turnaround time for cleaning rugs is 2 weeks.

Do you guarantee odor removal?

Upon inspection of the rug, we can determine the cause of the odor. For odors such as pet urine, smoke and oily odors, we offer a 100% guarantee odor removal. Some odors are caused by a manufacturing defect involving latex adhesives in tufted rugs. We can not guarantee odor removal on these rugs.

What cleaning process will be used on my rug?

Your rug will be thoroughly inspected to determine its condition and structure. This will tell us which of our cleaning processes will be the best fit for your rug. We have several cleaning processes ranging from our Premuim Super Salon wash to a no water dry cleaning process.

Can you clean rugs that have pet urine in them?

Yes. 80% of the pieces that come to our salon have pet issues. Rug Resolutions has developed a cleaning process that effectively removes the contamination and odor. We offer a 100% odor removal guarantee when our Pet Urine Treatment is purchased.

Do you use bleach or other harmful chemicals?

No. We never use bleach on a rug. All of our cleaning agents are formulated for the specific fiber being cleaned. We have specific cleaning agents for wool, silk, cotton, and synthetics.

Do you clean my rugs with other rugs?

No. Every rug that comes to our Salon is individually cleaned using clean fresh water for each rug. Rug Resolutions does not use or recommend Multi-Rug washtubs (Turkish Baths) that have the water changed once per week and use harmful chemicals such as bleach or dichlor to try and prevent cross contamination.

Why do I need moth repellant?

Wool and silk are food sources for moths. Moths look for areas that are dark and undisturbed. This means that rugs that are rolled up in storage or under furniture are more suseptable to moth damage. Moths are also attracted to dirty rugs especially rugs that have pet urine in them. If rugs are not treated with moth repellant, moths can very quickly cause considerable damage to fine woven treasures. Moth repellant is very cheap insurance that will prevent very expensive repairs.

Can anything be done to revive older rugs?

Yes. Rug Resolutions has a fiber infusion treatment that replentishes the nutrients in tired and dry wool fibers. Colors will be more vibrant and the soft hand will be returned.

Does protector really work?

Yes. Protectors penetrate and coat the rug fibers. This makes soil removal much easier and most spills can simply be wiped away. Fiber protector is cheap insurance that will prevent expensive stain removal from wool and silk fibers.

Do I need rug pads under my rugs?

Yes. Our custom rug pads help to keep rugs in place on hard surfaces. They also provide cushion for the rug. This will extend the life of the rug and prevent premature wear on the fibers.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

Yes. We offer pickup and delivery in some areas. Contact us for details.

Will you unload my rug if I bring it to you?

Yes. When you arive at our Salon, we will happily unload your rugs for you. We will also load your rugs when they are picked up after cleaning.