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Color Correction For Sun Faded Rug

Many rugs that are place in direct sunlight will experience sun fading to various degrees. This Heriz rug experienced substantial fading. Permanent dyes have been applied to the damaged areas to restore the colors on this beauty.
Oriental Rug Dyeing Raleigh NC

Tipping Of The Fringes

The fringes make the rug. Over time, the long fringes on rugs become worn. A worn fringe makes a beautiful rug look worn and ragged. Rug Resolutions recommends "tipping" the fringes to make the rug appear symmetrical and complete. This wool & silk Persian rug was cleaned, but it still didn't look good because of the fringes. After tipping the fringes, the rug looked like new.

Persian rug with worn and damaged fringes.

Persian rug after the fringes are reworked for better appearance.