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Moth damage prevention!!!

Moths cause millions of dollars in damage every year.  Rug Resolutions can apply a treatment to your woven treasures to prevent this kind of damage.

Moth damage prevention!!!


What does this mean and why is it important? In North Carolina, during the month of April moths lay their eggs. Moths look for dark areas to lay the eggs. Moths look for dark areas, specifically wool area rugs with furniture setting on them or rugs that are rolled up in storage. When the eggs hatch and become larva, there is instant food for the larva, the wool fibers. Some moths can stay in the larva stage for over 2 years before they become adult moths.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Raleigh NC, lifecycle of a moth

A tremendous amount of damage can be done if the larva are not detected and removed. Many people say that they don't see moths. The moths that do most of the damage are never seen because they operate in the dark. Rug Resolutions is the go to company for moth detection, removal and treatment. Give us a call at 919-744-8620 TODAY or visit us on the web