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Oriental Rug Cushions

High Performance Rug Cushions

Rug cushions are the life force of area rugs.

Rug Resolutions Rug Cleaning is the go to company for high quality and high performance rug cushions.

Unsecured oriental rugs can move on hard surfaces and can be very hazardous to people and pets.

Unsecured area rugs can move on hardwood and tile/stone floors and cause very unsightly and expensive damage to the finishes.

Our custom rug cushions are cut to fit each rug and are available in a thicker high density version for open area rugs and a low profile version for doorway rugs. They are designed with a latex backing to grip the floor and a felt face to grip the rug. This provides a stable foundation for the rug that does not move, making the rug safe and protection the expensive floor underneath.

Our rug cushions also help to increase the life of the area rug, just as the pad underneath wall to wall carpet will increase the life of the carpet. The cushion allows the fibers to move without severe bends when the rug is walked on. The fewer times a fiber bends during its life, the longer it lasts before it breaks which keeps the rug looking good much longer.

If your rug already has cushions, here are some things to consider.

Rug cushions do dry out and wear out. Every year the cushions should be checked for dry rot and delimitation. if these occur, the floor underneath can be damaged.

If the area has a pet urine accident, the cushion has been contaminated. This means that even though the rug has been cleaned, there will still b e odor if the cushion is not replaced. We are often asked if the cushion can be cleaned? It is more cost effective to replace the cushion than to clean it. As an additional note, if a pet has had an accident or a potted plant has overflowed on an area rug, be sure to check under the rug for moisture. If a rug is left on hardwood floors with moisture underneath, the hardwood floors will turn dark and require sanding or wood replacement to fix.

The illustration below shows how pet urine affects a rug, any cushion under the rug and the tile or wood flooring underneath

oriental rug pet urine removal

Padding under the rug and the flooring can contribute contribute to a very serious odor issue. For this reason, it is recommended that the pad be replaced when a rug with urine issues is cleaned. The flooring underneath must also be thoroughly cleaned.

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