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Pet urine and oriental rug cleaning!

Pet urine & odor removal

Pet urine and oriental rug cleaning!

Pet urine is one of the most destructive contaminants that can come in contact with an oriental rug. Pet urine is an unusual contaminate in that it starts as an acidic liquid and dries into an alkaline salt.

When wool absorbs moisture it naturally creates a strong odor. When wool becomes soaked in pet urine, the odor can become overwhelming. Attempting a DIY spot cleaning of the area can make the odor worse.

Staining can be a serious issue. Oriental rugs are woven with different grades of wool. Some wool is very sensitive to pH changes and can be stained almost instantly and permanently. Other wool is very resilient and it takes much longer for staining to occur. Staining can sometimes be corrected through cleaning, however some stains require re-dyeing the rug to correct.

Dry rot is another major problem caused by pet urine. If urine is left in an oriental rug for long periods of time, the urine will attack the cotton foundation yarns. As the foundation yarns dry out, the yarns will become brittle and can allow that portion of the rug to fall away from the rest of the rug.

Some things to keep in mind when dealing with pet urine in oriental rugs. The pad underneath the rug has been affected as well and needs to be replaced. It is cheaper to replace the pad than to clean it. Always check the hardwood floors, carpet or tile & grout underneath the rug to make sure that no damage has occurred due to a damp rug laying on them.

Urine and odor can effectively removed from an oriental rug, but it does require a very specialized in-plant cleaning process. Urine and odor can not be removed with an onsite cleaning using steam extraction, low moisture or dry process used by carpet cleaners.

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