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Pet Urine & Odor Removal

Pet Urine & Odor Removal

Rug Resolutions Rug Cleaning is the go to company for 100% guaranteed pet urine and odor removal.

We love our pets and could not imagine life without them. But sometimes our pets have accidents that cause issues with our fine area rugs.

Over 80% of the rugs that come through our workshop have pet urine issues.

Pet urine can be very destructive to area rugs. Some rugs are very sensitive to ph changes caused by the pet urine and can be permanently stained. Structural damage is also a risk. If pet urine is left in a rug for an extended period of time, the foundation of the rug is very likely to experience dry rot. When this happens, portions of the rug can become detached and fall away from the rest of the rug.

The most common issue with pet urine is the odor caused by ammonia off gassing. This occurs over time and is especially noticeable during very humid seasons.

The only way to remove the odor from a rug is to remove the source of the odor. Unfortunately, the processes used by many cleaners doesn't remove the source. With pet urine contamination, the rug must be washed in a proper rug cleaning facility. Pet urine can not be removed with an onsite carpet cleaning process or a top only cleaning encapsulation process. The contamination is in the foundation yarns at the bottom of the rug. Many cleaners use the above processes then load the rug with deodorizers to mask the odor. It works for about a week, then the odor is back. This is where the dry rot come from because the original contamination was not removed. This leads to a very expensive repair later on.

The illustration below shows how pet urine affects a rug, any cushion under the rug and the tile or wood flooring underneath

oriental rug pet urine removal

Padding under the rug and the flooring can contribute contribute to a very serious odor issue. For this reason, it is recommended that the pad be replaced when a rug with urine issues is cleaned. The flooring underneath must also be thoroughly cleaned.

Over the past decade, Scot Neal, owner of Rug Resolutions has developed a specialized cleaning process for rugs with pet urine contamination. Hits process is so effective, he guarantees complete urine removal and 100% odor removal.

If your woven treasure has pet urine issues, don't get rid of the rug. Give Rug Resolutions Rug Cleaning a call at 919-744-8620. Let us evaluate the rug and make some recommendations and give you some options.

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Chinese wool rug with dry rot damage caused by pet urine being left in the rug.