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The Most Intensive Oriental Rug Cleaning

Rug Resolutions is proud to offer the most extensive line of oriental rug cleaning services to maintain and repair your woven treasures. Through our line of services, we are able to enhance the beauty and help to extend the life of your area rugs. See a complete list of our services below.

  • Oriental Rug Cleaning

    Periodic cleaning of fine woven rugs is required to maintain their life cycle. It is recommended that rug that are in high traffic areas or in homes that have pets should be cleaned every 6-12 months. Rug Resolutions has a variety of cleaning processes ranging from our thorough Salon Wash process to a completely Dry cleaning process. Rug Resolution does not use optical brighteners in any part of our cleaning process.

  • Pet Urine & Odor Removal

    Many rugs that we clean have pet urine issues. Pet urine can be very destructive to fine woven rugs. If urine is left in a rug far a long period of time, the foundation yarns can dry rot and unsightly staining can occur. Many times, the staining can only be fixed by redyeing the area. Rug Resolutions has a proprietary wash process to remove pet urine and the odor causing bacteria leaving your rug fresh and smelling great.

  • Moth Control

    Moths do millions of dollars in damage every year. Wool and silk rugs are a delicacy for moths. Moths are drawn to rugs and garments that are in undisturbed areas such as under furniture or in storage. Moths are especially drawn to rugs that are dirty or have pet urine in them. After cleaning, Rug Resolutions can help to prevent moth damage by applying a garment industry grade treatment to fibers to prevent moths from eating the fibers.

  • Wool Fiber Infusion Treatment

    Is your rug over 20 years old? Has your rug lost its brilliant color? Do the fibers in your wool rug feel rough and dry? If you can answer YES to any of these questions, you rug is a candidate for a very special treatment. Our wool fiber infusion treatment replenishes the nutrients in old, dried and dull wool fibers bringing then back to life and make them vibrant again.

  • Stain Protection

    Wool, silk, cotton and natural fiber rugs are very absorbent. To complete the oriental rug cleaning process, Rug Resolutions offers a full line of protective treatments to compliment every fiber type. These protective treatments are applied to fibers to guard against spills and stains. Our protective finishes do not contain silicon that can turn yellow over time.

  • Blocking

    Many rugs that come into our workshop have ripples or irregular shapes. Many of these issues can be repaired by a process called blocking. The rugs are secured on a custom designed drying table.  The fibers are manipulated to correct ripples and shape shifting in the rug. Needlepoint rugs are specifically susceptible to shape shifting during cleaning and require blocking during the drying process.

  • Reweaving

    Does your rug have damaged fringes, missing corners, frayed side cords, holes or tears? Rug Resolutions can help with these issues. Our expert weavers can repair damaged areas including fringes, foundations, side cords and face fibers.

  • Color Restoration Services

    Has your rug lost it's color due to being in the sun, or from an improper cleaning? Has your rug experienced color bleeding due to being in a flood or from improper cleaning? Rug Resolutions can correct dye bleeding and restore the colors to your woven treasure.

  • Custom Rug Cushions

    Wool, silk and other custom rugs are large investments. It is always recommended that a high density rug cushions be used under all rugs that are in high traffic areas. Rug Resolutions offers custom heavy duty rug cushions custom cut to fit your rug.  These cushions will keep the rug in place and absorb the shock of footsteps that would otherwise be absorbed by the rug. Our rug cushions are essential to extending the life of your fine rug.

  • Wrapping & Storage Prep

    Are you considering placing your rugs into short or long term storage? It is always recommended that rugs be cleaned and our moth control treatment be applied. Then the rugs can be wrapped to prepare them storage.

  • Appraisals

    Do you know the value of your rugs should disaster strike?  Antique and handknotted rugs should be appraised to make sure they are properly insured.  Most homeowners policies limit what will be paid if a rug is damaged in a disaster.  Additional policies may be needed.

If you have questions or need additional detail on our services, give us a call at 919-744-8620.