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The Importance Of Rug Cushions

The Importance Of Rug Cushions

February 17, 2016

Wool and silk are the most durable fibers used in construction of oriental and custom area rugs. Over time even these fibers can wear prematurely if proper cushions are not used.

Rug cushions serve multiple roles. They give the area rug a more luxurious feel, they keep the area rug in place, they protect the flooring under the rug and most importantly, they protect the rug itself. You may say, I understand the first three roles, but what about that last one?

How does a rug cushion protect the rug? As we walk on a rug that doesn't have a cushion, the fibers are driven directly into the floor. This causes the fibers too bend at 90 degree angles. the more often this happens, the faster the fibers break. A rug cushion prevents the 90 degree bend and the shock of walking on the rug extending the life of the rug.

There are many types of rug pads, but most do not help to extend the life of the rug. Honeycomb rubber pads will hold the rug in place, but do not cushion the rug. Standard foam carpet padding is provides some cushion, but will allow the rug to move on the floor and they are not very durable in a rug application.

Rug Resolutions carries a full line of custom high density rug cushions. Each cushion is custom made for each rug. Whether you need a low profile cushion for a doorway, a high density non skid cushion for a high traffic area or a high density cushion for rugs that are under furniture, Rug Resolutions has the solution for your valued rugs.

It is also important to note that if your rug is being cleaned for a pet urine accident, the rug pad was also affected. Even with a clean rug, an odor can still exist if the cushion is not cleaned or replaced. Most times replacing the cushion is the most economical approach.

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