Rug Cleaning Process

Dedicated To Proper Oriental Rug Cleaning

For more than a decade Rug Resolutions has dedicated itself to cleaning the finest woven rugs from around the world. Our oriental rug cleaning process is in a state of constant evolution. Rug Resolutions will only use the safest chemistry and cleaning processes that are available. We consider it an honor to clean your valued treasures and we will never take shortcuts or use cheap chemistry that is not designed for the fibers. Our very thorough 6 step cleaning process is explained below.
Oriental Rug Cleaning Raleigh NC Pre-Inspection

  • 1. Pre-Inspection

    Every rug that comes to our salon goes through a thorough hands & knees inespection. We check for dye stability, fiber type & texture, structural integrity, holes & tears, color issues, moth damage and any anomalies that exist on the rug. This lets us determine the best cleaning method to use on the rug. We will provide you with an inspection report covering our findings and a list of recommendations for your approval.

  • Oriental Rug Cleaning Cary NC Dry Soil Removal
    2. Dry Soil Removal

    Removing dry particulate soil it the most important and the very first step in the cleaning process. Dry soils are the most damaging and the most difficult to remove from the rug.  Rug Resolutions goes above and beyond other cleaners by choosing the Rug Badger two part dry soil removal system. This allow us to remove more dry soil from the rug in the beginning producing a much cleaner rug after the cleaning.

  • Oriental Rug Cleaning Apex NC, Oriental Rug Cleaning Wake Forest NC

    3. Cleaning

    Many cleaners view oriental rug cleaning as a one size fits all operation. They chose one system and that is all they use. Rug Resolutions cleans rugs with a variety of soil conditions, construction types and fiber contents. We understand that cleaning investment quality rugs requires more than one cleaning process. Rug Resolutions has 4 cleaning processes ranging from our most thorough Super Salon Wash to a very delicate Dry water free cleaning process.

  • Oriental Rug Cleaning Morrisville NC Drying Tower

  • 4. Drying

    Proper drying of the rug is a very critical part of the oriental rug cleaning process.  Rapidly drying the rug insures that the rug has a soft hand and remains germ free. After the rug is cleaned, it is transferred to our climate controlled drying room.  With proper heat, humidity and air movement, rugs are dried very quickly.

  • 5. Fiber Infusion & Protective Finish Application

    After the rugs are dry, specialized treatments for fiber rejuvenation, moth control and stain protection are applied.

  • 6. Final inspection & Detailing

    After the finishing treatments are applied, the rug goes to final inspection and detailing.  The rug is then prepared for pickup or delivery.

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